The Best Features for Mobile Users in Microsoft SharePoint 2016  

sharepoint customization

Microsoft SharePoint 2016 has some interesting features that mobile users should definitely check out. These new features will be a welcome addition to the existing features that most of us already love. For users who prefer to customize sharepoint as per their needs, SharePoint customization becomes easier and more interesting with the new version. Here are some of them:

Better reporting analytics

Enterprise mobile users have come to love SharePoint’s enhanced reporting analytics. These reporting analytics are meant to offer the management team deeper insights into how users are accessing and using information that resides on the SharePoint sites they own. The information regarding mobile users that the enhanced reporting analytics will make available includes:

  • The activities they are involved in
  • The number of new people/organizations that are adopting SharePoint
  • SharePoint mobile users’ strong scenarios and those that don’t work

Armed with this information, business leaders can course correct in a way that would best serve the mobile users in their system. You should watch this trend carefully into 2017.

Responsive Browser Experience

Microsoft’s decision to add HTML5 has made it possible for mobile users to work using a device that has a responsive browser experience. This feature is a key development for every mobile user using SharePoint 2016 now and in the future.

Better governance

Mobile users have been interested in seeing improvements done to SharePoint governance. They want to an administrator to be able to limit access to certain SharePoint resources via the various mobile devices that people use at the workplace. Therefore, these users welcome with open arms the news that SharePoint 2016 would enable these functions. Adding various restrictions to users on mobile can also help enhance your enterprise security.

Improved integration of SharePoint Partners

The SharePoint platform today seamlessly integrates with the Microsoft partners’ ecosystem. With SharePoint having become an established leader in the intranet software space, the main growth areas have shifted from the platform to its partners. Programs like Choose Your Own Device (CYOD), enterprise mobility and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) represent the expected innovative points going forward.

The idea is to create an ecosystem that will support many different operating systems and mobile devices. The applications that will be used in SharePoint should be focused on fulfilling the needs of the consumer.

Microsoft is taking a hybrid approach to implementing SharePoint. This is in order to service all mobile users that are outside and inside the firewall. This approach also provides the company with the challenge it needs to be innovative in its attempt to deliver more features and improved functionality in the SharePoint platform.

As Microsoft looks into the future, is there something you would want considered for those SharePoint users on mobile? Add your thoughts and tell us what you are looking forward to seeing in the next version of Microsoft SharePoint.

How Disaster Recovery Will Become a $12 Billion Industry By 2020  

The last few years has seen the burgeoning of many Disaster Recovery companies around the globe. As it turns out, these companies may know something everyone else might not. If a study that MarketsandMarkets published recently is anything to go by, the disaster recovery industry is about to go through tremendous growth.

disaster recovery companies

According to the report, Disaster Recovery as a Service will be worth $11.92 billion by 2020. This news is bound to excite providers of Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) solutions. For an industry that is only worth $1.42 billion today, reaching $12 billion will be one of this decade’s most intriguing financial explosions. Very few industries ever grow that fast. A 52% annual rate of growth would be impressive for any industry.

A new approach to DRaaS will increase adoption and deployment

This report has backed up its claims by taking the reader deep into the Disaster Recovery industry showing you the various subgroups of the market. It analyses these subgroups and presents the estimates of the industry metrics. It also clearly shows the opportunities, emerging trends and challenges that anyone who wants to go into the industry ought to know. The manner in which this MarketsandMarkets report goes into the details of the industry is what makes its claim all the more believable.

The firm says many small and medium sized businesses do not plan for disaster Recovery. It points this and the use of cloud-based applications that are platform dependent as the two main reasons why the Disaster Recovery as a Service market is struggling. These industry struggles have hampered the adoption as well as deployment of disaster recovery solutions. What this means is the firms that will figure out how to overcome these struggles are bound to reap big in the next few years.

A growing understanding of the benefits of DRaaS will foster growth

However positive anyone might want to be regarding the disaster recovery industry, you can’t help but shrug off the numbers in this report as mere wishful thinking. Given the slow rate of adopting recovery tools that has been recorded in past years, many would be forgiven for being critical about the possibility of these predictions coming true. Yet, Gartner’s first ever DRaaS Magic Quadrant (PDF) shows that business organizations are going to quite heavily invest in cloud recovery solutions in the next few years.

Gartner believes that by 2018, business enterprises will be investing more in cloud recovery solutions than the traditional ones. As business leaders get a deeper understanding of the benefits of cloud Disaster Recovery as a Service, they will embrace cloud disaster recovery solutions more, which will lead to momentous growth of the industry, perhaps the kind that the MarketsandMarkets report predicts.

IT Firm Mphasis Launches Digital Accessibility Practice  

Top IT Solutions Edmonton instigated its digital accessibility practice by appointing a Chief Accessibility Officer, Cristopher Broyles. As a pioneer in the IT industry, Mphasis prides itself as one of the first IT firms to build accessible technologies. With the appointment of Cristopher, the company is showing its intentions of growing rapidly in the industry. The Chief Accessibility Officer will spearhead the company’s internal digital accessibility processes and practices as well as training capabilities to educate customers especially those in the financial services vertical. The new appointee will also be responsible for developing and delivering accessible and customizable end-to-end solutions, which leverage strategic consulting, tool-agnostic intelligent, industry best practices and best-in-market experience.

Launches Digital Accessibility Practice

Mphasis Success in Accessibility

Already Mphasis boasts an incredibly strong history of advocacy as well as success in accessibility. The firm has once received the President’s Award for employment and inclusion of persons with disabilities and the NCPEDP-Shell Helen Keller Award. According to Mphasis, the lack of available assets translates to losing out on 20% regarding quality talent — more than 400 employees of the firm are with a disability.

What Does The New Appointee Bring To The Table?

Cristopher has 10+ years of extensive work in offering accessibility, both digital and physical, to guarantee optimal user experiences for every user, in state and federal government, industry and education. He joins the firm after serving in Perkins School for the Blind as the Acting Chief Accessibility. The school is one the most common and oldest schools for individuals that are visually impaired.

Cristopher’s federal experience entails working at the following;

  • U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
  • U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission
  • U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

In all the above state departments, Cristopher led 5-year department-wide web-accessibility remediation efforts that encompassed policy, marketing, education, and governance.Mphasis’s Senior Vice-President and Head of Digital, Yesh Subramanian said, “Given that 1 in 5 individuals will at one point in his or her life have a disability, it is highly crucial for all enterprises to adhere to the ADA (American with Disabilities Act). Digital accessibility is critical especially because of the growing list of digital assets.” He said that digital accessibility practice is important in the financial services realm where self-service is turning out to be central to the digital experience.

This is what Cristopher had to say regarding his appointment, “Joining Mphasis is truly an exciting opportunity. I have been a champion for accessibility across industries for many years. Throughout this time, I managed to implement sustainable and fruitful programs across a good number of vertical. However, providing digital accessibility to insurance, banking, wealth, and brokerage management is an individually dynamic space.”

About Mphasis

An HP enterprise company, Mphasis allows chosen clients to meet all the demands of a growing marketplace. The Economic Times most recently named Mphasis as the ‘Most Distinguished Digital Company in 2015.’ Additionally, the American Banker and BAI ranked Mphasis among the top FinTech companies. Mphasis has been able to achieve all these by combining cutting edge solutions with superior human capital in hyper-specialized areas. You can learn more about Mphasis by visiting

IT Solutions to be a Key Focus  

In the modern day and age many people are now using ITAM Software Solutions on a regular basis and use computers in many different ways. They are ideal for those that want to network around the world quickly and effectively with tools such as email and online social platforms such as Facebook and twitter. However, they are also functional as a way in which to create a wide range of documents and are functional at saving a large amount of data. However, they are still prone to hacks and to break down and crashing issues and will need to be kept up to date, so as to avoid these issues which could then lead to loss of memory and data, as well as risk to the overall computer set up that you may have in your private space, or in a business set up where a network may be in action. In this article we will take a look at the best way in which to get access to IT solutions quickly and effectively.

it solutions edmonton

The internet is now one of the best ways to find best IT solutions and you should be able to outsource the services that you need across the web so that you can find professionals that can resolve your issue. There are several reasons as to why this can be one of the best ways in which to find the solution to your IT needs. One of the main reasons is that you will be able to save money. This is because you will be able to scan the web for the best possible services for the best possible price. You will need to consider the skill level of the individual that you choose to employ, but this should be reletively easy, as you should be able to gain access to reviews and to feedback concerning the individual that you wish to hire. It is also a good idea to outsource your IT solutions if you are in a small company and you can avoid hiring local people who may not be as good at the job.

If you have a small company and you are developing the company and the people that work in that company you may also wish to outsource the work that you need to complete. This will be useful as it will mean that you can be more mobile during this important time of your business development.

More and more people are now using the web as a way in which to find professionals that can help with a wide variety of IT solutions and this is because you will be able to access hundreds of high quality specialists who will be able to resolve the problem that you may have. Many people are sceptical about allowing a stranger into their IT network, but if you read the feedback of that professional, you will quickly find a service that you will meet your needs. Log on to the internet for more information.

How to Choose Among IT Support Companies  

With the need for IT services at its most demand, so many IT support companies philadelphia have sprout up – all offering different services and packages. And with numbers comes options. Picking out through these
options can be challenging. As such, being able to decipher the most significant qualities in an IT support
provider can really come in handy.


Quick response times

Ideally, it is important to choose an IT support company that can be able to respond to your requests in a
reasonable time. However, keep in mind that a guaranteed response time only means that the provider will
respond to your queries within that time, and then start troubleshooting for a solution. Some IT related
problems can take a long time to fix, so be cautious of any IT support companies that promise specific time
frames to resolve your problems.


Just like you wouldn’t trust your life with an unqualified lawyer, or your health with an uncertified doctored,
you shouldn’t trust an IT support provider with no accreditations to their name. Ensure that the software
the company provides its services on has all the necessary certifications from its manufacturers.

Case studies and testimonials

A reliable IT support company should have a website and a number of case studies and testimonials
showcased on their website. In particular, watch out for case studies and testimonials from clients that have
similar needs as yours.


An IT support company that is within close proximity to your business can come in handy in case you
experience issues with hardware. However, there are certain problems that don’t require on-site assistance,
and can be fixed remotely. In any case, ensure that the potential IT support companies you’ve shortlisted
will go the extra mile to resolve your problem without having any confines on location.

Attitude towards customer services

A competent IT support company should be able to match their services with customer needs and
expectations. To this end, an outstanding customer service should be incorporated throughout the
company, providing a positive attitude in the work they do, which should be reflected throughout the team.

Transparent agreement

Some IT support companies tend to charge a relatively low monthly fee, and then go ahead to charge an
extra fee for such things as onsite support. For this reason, it is important to ensure that you are aware
what is included in the support agreement, and what is not. Bear in mind that these agreements are set up
to ensure a mutual agreement and understanding of the services involved for both parties.

Appropriate size

Different service providers suit different levels of businesses. Some large IT support companies may not be
able to grant you access to their top technicians if you’re a small business, regardless of what their adverts
say. On the other hand, a small IT support company for a large organization might lack the necessary
resources to provide the support you need. Bottom line: ensure the company is the right size for your

Your relationship with the IT support company will change as your needs for your business transform. The
success of your business will be determined by your flexibility to scale up and down your IT capabilities
whenever you need to. Before making a decision, inquire about the costs associated with changing the
levels of IT support services they provide, as well as the time it will take to implement the changes.

The Architecture Marketing Retrospective  

For the longest time, a few big firms owned the architecture scene globally. If history serves me correct, the iconic monuments and buildings in Washington DC where all designed by one French man. But now, many developers are looking cutting edge architects and architecture firms despite the relative youth, none name recognition and lack of the much discerned exposure. Why is this happening? The only thing there doing different to attract and hold the concentration of the big dogs is cutting edge architecture websites marketing.

house model

The Ghost of Past Architecture Marketing

In the early 20th century, actually 1909, a principle was adopted by the American Institute of Architects (AIA), barring any and all forms of marketing stating moral and ethical implications. Commonplace strategies like proposal submission, names on doors, newspaper ads, billboards where all forbidden. A policy that leaked and was adopted globally by most accrediting architectures bodies. And the only form of marketing was word of mouth and reputation building. People contracted firms that they saw and heard of their projects and hence those that weren’t aggressive enough to seek out clients were frizzled out.

The New Kid on the Block

Now it’s not only essential to have an exclusive team or department working on marketing your firm its part and parcel of your firm. In the 21st century architects have blown the cover of the lid of anonymity and have been selling themselves and their services shamelessly. Of course ethical issues have been asked and are still been addressed. Issues of corruption, issues of bidding wars among others. Of course accrediting bodies have developed solutions such as developing criterion to allow firms to better understand and select firms for projects. Though reluctance to change has been noted across the board, firms have had no option but to change.

The reason for change

Architecture marketing was born out of necessity. That due to increased number of architects and very good ones at that, reduced fees, opened global space, massive layoff, diversification of products and services and others architect firms had to start marketing themselves and aggressively at that. They had to develop brands, build on the brand and its identity. Moreover the spaces they work in were transformed radically to attract clients into the door from the interior décor, type of support staff and rental space location. This change though necessary caused a lot of havoc. But today most firms are settled to the changes and appreciate the opportunities they open up.

Trends that are making heads roll

The core of architecture is an artistry and a mastery of developing buildings that meet a degree of aesthetic value but also transform a space into a more valued and appreciated space. The most important trend is the generation transformation; all firms are employing millennials and using them to understand social marketing and branding. Unique strategies have been suggested and addressed such as; increased and more open online presence, digitizing the process of developing drawings to reduce turnover time, position marketing i.e. building an image as the most eco-friendly, most creative, best with innovative new building products etc. also they are making these extremely flexible to their clients’ needs and finally and importantly reigniting the passion to use exceptional architecture for their projects.

Benefits of Using IT Services  

Many people use computers in the modern day and age and there are many ways that the computer can be useful in a business. Investing in IT services can be a useful thing to do and many people who use computers in the business will do this, so that they can manage their equipment and their technology effectively and keep it running to the highest order. In this article we will take a look at the benefits of using IT services and will outline the different features that can be found when using different forms of IT service provider edmonton within a company.

Many people are now choosing to invest in IT services when using a company and this is effective when choosing to lower costs. The reason being is that you will not have to invest in expensive software and specialist hardware and will be able to outsource your needs to a dedicated service. This means that you will cut costs considerably and this can be extremely useful if you are a small company and you are trying to save money wherever possible.


Many companies are also small and do not have the ability to hire an IT specialist that can carry out IT services for the company and in this situation it can be a good idea to invest in these services. The company may also be going through a transition and will not have time to hire someone, as they may be moving offices or may be developing in size.

Another reason why IT services can be so effective is because they offer a high level of professionalism and you will be able to search the web for the best IT services that are available. You will then be able to select from the choices that are available and will be able to use the services that are most effective for your needs.

IT services around the world are being offered and it is simply a matter of going onto the Internet and searching for the best options that are available. This means that you can connect with anyone around the world quickly and effectively and this will benefit in many different ways. As well as getting you the work that you need doing quickly and effectively, you will also be helping the environment and will be shrinking the carbon footprint by reducing the costs of travel and cutting down on energy that is wasted when choosing to invest in local services.

Many individuals are now choosing to invest in the best IT services and this can be a great thing to do if you wish to outsource your jobs throughout the Internet. There are many benefits to this and you will save money and get the work that you need doing, quickly and affectively. Some people worry about giving their personal information away over the Internet., But you simply need to inform yourself on the person you choose to use by reading their online profile and making an informed decision about them.

PSIM – What It Really Is  


We face many different security threats on a daily basis. Simple homeowners face threats of theft of physical assets, violence, intrusion, identity theft, and theft of personal data. For big companies, those threats are multiplied many times. Companies have more physical assets and they have more sensitive information to protect as well. To complicate matters, companies deal with lots of clients and employees; the threats to their security can come from without as well as within the company itself.

For these reasons companies often employ complex security measures to protect themselves. They begin with installing strong doors and locks, and complement these with an access control system. They employ alarms to warn of intruders. They deploy strategic lighting, video surveillance cameras and recording equipment to deter criminals as well as to identify miscreants. On their data network they install firewalls and control access through the use of passwords and badges. While all these measures are required, their complexity can make them very hard to coordinate and use properly. That is where Physical Security Information Management or PSIM comes to the rescue.

What is PSIM?

PSIM is a type of software that helps the user to make sense of the many security applications and devices installed as part of the entire security system. It integrates the devices, security applications, and information systems from different suppliers and manufacturers so all of them sort of ‘pulls in the same direction’ to ensure physical as well as data security. Here, and article on Security Magazine’s online version enumerates the benefits of PSIM.

The main functions of PSIM software include:

  1. Collection of inputs from the different components of the security system: The inputs will come from alarms, video surveillance cameras, recording equipment, access control system readers, and the various software that control each of the sub-systems.

  2. Data and Input Analysis: Data, events and inputs are generally useless until they are properly analyzed to see what they point to: an intrusion attempt, unauthorized access or any situation that requires the user’s intervention.

  3. Verifying incidents: Video surveillance software can only use what it is programmed to recognize to make a preliminary determination of an incident. PSIM software presents all available data from the component sub-systems to allow the operator to make an informed decision as to the required response. In some cases all an alarm incident requires is a reset.

  4. Report generation: All the information gathered, including incidents and responses, are compiled into reports in a format the user can customize. These reports allow the user to use the data for the purposes of investigation, systems and procedures improvement, training, and even incident investigations.

  5. Review trail: PSIM software tracks and records such things as changes to system settings, number of incidents and the actual response times for each. This helps to further improve standard operating procedures and the security system as a whole.

PSIM software platforms allow the integration of security system components from many different manufacturers to give more opportunities for expansion and customization. The end result is better control of what can otherwise be a difficult task of getting all the components to work together.

Touch Screen Overlay –The Differences Between Projected Capacitive and IR  

touch screen overlay

The useful lives of many ordinary monitor screens are being extended by a device called a touch screen overlay. Available in a choice of many different technologies, these devices are getting deployed in offices, showrooms, trade shows, information kiosks and even interactive advertising screens. Since it has gained relatively wide acceptance among users, the question as to which of the two most popular technologies is best for the touch screen overlay has come up.

So far, the two most popular technologies used on touch screen overlays are the infrared (IR) and projected capacitance (a.k.a. ProCap, or PCap). While touch screens utilizing these technologies are equally durable and reliable, there are some difference which may make one better than the other depending upon the application. So what are the features of each and their differences?

Projected capacitance technology is more commonly seen on smart phones and tablets; only recently have they been used on touch screen overlays. You can say projected capacitance technology has just recently joined the ‘big screen’ market. Research work undertaken by such organizations as the International Electronics Manufacturing Initiative may have had something to do with that.

This type of screens has two layers of conductors arranged in a grid, the layers separated by a thin and transparent insulator. The conductors are also made of transparent material, usually Indium Tin Oxide (ITO). When you touch the surface of the glass, the projected capacitance of the conductors at the point of contact is altered, allowing its location to be measured.

The advantages of projected capacitance touch screen overlays include:

  • High resistance to interference; even solid objects placed on top of the screen does not disrupt its function.
  • Capable of sensing multiple touches, as many as 40-60 at a time, and recognizes smooth gestures.
  • Very accurate and has a quick response time
  • Easy to maintain and is both dust and water resistant.
  • Will only respond to touch from a finger or stylus; rejects arm and palm touches.
  • Can be installed without a bezel or border (full glass surface)

There is only one major disadvantage: very large screen sizes are not widely available.

Infrared touch screen overlays are widely used in large screen formats. They are relatively inexpensive when compared to other technologies.

These screens use infrared light to sense touches on the surface. Bezels on each of the four sides contain matching infrared emitters and sensors to create an invisible grid of infrared beams. When the surface of the screen is touched, the infrared beam is broken at the point of contact which allows the device to determine its location.

Pros of infrared overlays are:

  • They are inexpensive and available in large sizes
  • They feature accurate touch sensing, fast response time and smooth gesture recognition
  • It is easy to make custom size screens

Cons include:

  • Solid objects placed on the screen creates blind spots
  • There always needs to be a bezel to house the IR components – it cannot be a borderless screen
  • Some old models are easily affected by bright light.

Which one is better for you? First you need to check out your requirements and the conditions under which you need the overlay to perform. After that it is just a matter of matching them with the features of each type of touch screen overlay.


ACD Call Center Makes Contact Centers Look Good  

acd call center for small business

All business endeavors depend on good relations with their clients for survival.  Customer service is an area where the most successful companies excel.  While the internet age has been with us for some time now, the telephone remains one of the most popular means of connecting companies with their valued clients.  Because of the widespread use of the telephone as a way for clients to ask for information, inquire about products and services, or to get an issue resolved, many companies have been forced to hire the services of contact centers.

These contact centers are given the very important task of acting as representatives of the company on telephone lines; they are entrusted with protecting the company’s reputation over the phone.  It is therefore the contact center’s obligation to be as professional as possible when dealing with their client-company’s customers.  The better they handle incoming phone calls, the more they company they represent looks good to their clients.

Call centers try to look good by routing calls to the appropriate agent, one with skills required to provide the information or issue resolution the caller seeks, at the shortest possible time.  Long waiting times are black marks on their performance records.  To achieve their goals, contact centers have turned to using acd call center for help.  In case anyone is wondering ACD stands for automatic call distribution, and it is very efficient at it.  An in-depth explanation of the benefits of ACD systems may be found through

An acd call center for small business is usually cloud-based software.  This makes implementation very affordable because there is no expensive hardware to purchase and maintain. It also allows a very short ROI time.  Call centers gain speed and accuracy in distributing calls because ACD uses a complex algorithm to route calls.  The algorithm is based on the phone line the caller dialed, the area code of the caller, available information about the caller, the available call center agents, the skill of the agent, information gathered through the interactive voice response (IVR), and the rules provided by the client-company.  Through this method the call center agent is paired with a call he has the skills to handle, thus he comes across to the caller as a very able professional.  Professionalism is something that industry organizations like the Manitoba Contract Center Association are trying to promote.

Efficient call routing increases the productivity of call center agent by reducing idle time, reducing call durations as issues are resolved at a faster rate, and enabling the agent to feel confident about his skills.  That is something even the client/caller on the other side of the line will surely notice and appreciate.

Quality control is essential to keeping performance at peak levels.  Because ACD software service is cloud-based, managers are always in contact with all their call center agents regardless of their geographical locations.  Monitoring is done in real time so that corrective measures can be applied to problems before they escalate.  Team coordination is never a problem.

With cloud-based ACD systems, calls are resolved faster, and client satisfaction rises.