ACD Call Center Makes Contact Centers Look Good  

acd call center for small business

All business endeavors depend on good relations with their clients for survival.  Customer service is an area where the most successful companies excel.  While the internet age has been with us for some time now, the telephone remains one of the most popular means of connecting companies with their valued clients.  Because of the widespread use of the telephone as a way for clients to ask for information, inquire about products and services, or to get an issue resolved, many companies have been forced to hire the services of contact centers.

These contact centers are given the very important task of acting as representatives of the company on telephone lines; they are entrusted with protecting the company’s reputation over the phone.  It is therefore the contact center’s obligation to be as professional as possible when dealing with their client-company’s customers.  The better they handle incoming phone calls, the more they company they represent looks good to their clients.

Call centers try to look good by routing calls to the appropriate agent, one with skills required to provide the information or issue resolution the caller seeks, at the shortest possible time.  Long waiting times are black marks on their performance records.  To achieve their goals, contact centers have turned to using acd call center for help.  In case anyone is wondering ACD stands for automatic call distribution, and it is very efficient at it.  An in-depth explanation of the benefits of ACD systems may be found through

An acd call center for small business is usually cloud-based software.  This makes implementation very affordable because there is no expensive hardware to purchase and maintain. It also allows a very short ROI time.  Call centers gain speed and accuracy in distributing calls because ACD uses a complex algorithm to route calls.  The algorithm is based on the phone line the caller dialed, the area code of the caller, available information about the caller, the available call center agents, the skill of the agent, information gathered through the interactive voice response (IVR), and the rules provided by the client-company.  Through this method the call center agent is paired with a call he has the skills to handle, thus he comes across to the caller as a very able professional.  Professionalism is something that industry organizations like the Manitoba Contract Center Association are trying to promote.

Efficient call routing increases the productivity of call center agent by reducing idle time, reducing call durations as issues are resolved at a faster rate, and enabling the agent to feel confident about his skills.  That is something even the client/caller on the other side of the line will surely notice and appreciate.

Quality control is essential to keeping performance at peak levels.  Because ACD software service is cloud-based, managers are always in contact with all their call center agents regardless of their geographical locations.  Monitoring is done in real time so that corrective measures can be applied to problems before they escalate.  Team coordination is never a problem.

With cloud-based ACD systems, calls are resolved faster, and client satisfaction rises.