The Architecture Marketing Retrospective  

For the longest time, a few big firms owned the architecture scene globally. If history serves me correct, the iconic monuments and buildings in Washington DC where all designed by one French man. But now, many developers are looking cutting edge architects and architecture firms despite the relative youth, none name recognition and lack of the much discerned exposure. Why is this happening? The only thing there doing different to attract and hold the concentration of the big dogs is cutting edge architecture websites marketing.

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The Ghost of Past Architecture Marketing

In the early 20th century, actually 1909, a principle was adopted by the American Institute of Architects (AIA), barring any and all forms of marketing stating moral and ethical implications. Commonplace strategies like proposal submission, names on doors, newspaper ads, billboards where all forbidden. A policy that leaked and was adopted globally by most accrediting architectures bodies. And the only form of marketing was word of mouth and reputation building. People contracted firms that they saw and heard of their projects and hence those that weren’t aggressive enough to seek out clients were frizzled out.

The New Kid on the Block

Now it’s not only essential to have an exclusive team or department working on marketing your firm its part and parcel of your firm. In the 21st century architects have blown the cover of the lid of anonymity and have been selling themselves and their services shamelessly. Of course ethical issues have been asked and are still been addressed. Issues of corruption, issues of bidding wars among others. Of course accrediting bodies have developed solutions such as developing criterion to allow firms to better understand and select firms for projects. Though reluctance to change has been noted across the board, firms have had no option but to change.

The reason for change

Architecture marketing was born out of necessity. That due to increased number of architects and very good ones at that, reduced fees, opened global space, massive layoff, diversification of products and services and others architect firms had to start marketing themselves and aggressively at that. They had to develop brands, build on the brand and its identity. Moreover the spaces they work in were transformed radically to attract clients into the door from the interior décor, type of support staff and rental space location. This change though necessary caused a lot of havoc. But today most firms are settled to the changes and appreciate the opportunities they open up.

Trends that are making heads roll

The core of architecture is an artistry and a mastery of developing buildings that meet a degree of aesthetic value but also transform a space into a more valued and appreciated space. The most important trend is the generation transformation; all firms are employing millennials and using them to understand social marketing and branding. Unique strategies have been suggested and addressed such as; increased and more open online presence, digitizing the process of developing drawings to reduce turnover time, position marketing i.e. building an image as the most eco-friendly, most creative, best with innovative new building products etc. also they are making these extremely flexible to their clients’ needs and finally and importantly reigniting the passion to use exceptional architecture for their projects.