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The Best Features for Mobile Users in Microsoft SharePoint 2016   no comments

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Microsoft SharePoint 2016 has some interesting features that mobile users should definitely check out. These new features will be a welcome addition to the existing features that most of us already love. For users who prefer to customize sharepoint as per their needs, SharePoint customization becomes easier and more interesting with the new version. Here are some of them:

Better reporting analytics

Enterprise mobile users have come to love SharePoint’s enhanced reporting analytics. These reporting analytics are meant to offer the management team deeper insights into how users are accessing and using information that resides on the SharePoint sites they own. The information regarding mobile users that the enhanced reporting analytics will make available includes:

  • The activities they are involved in
  • The number of new people/organizations that are adopting SharePoint
  • SharePoint mobile users’ strong scenarios and those that don’t work

Armed with this information, business leaders can course correct in a way that would best serve the mobile users in their system. You should watch this trend carefully into 2017.

Responsive Browser Experience

Microsoft’s decision to add HTML5 has made it possible for mobile users to work using a device that has a responsive browser experience. This feature is a key development for every mobile user using SharePoint 2016 now and in the future.

Better governance

Mobile users have been interested in seeing improvements done to SharePoint governance. They want to an administrator to be able to limit access to certain SharePoint resources via the various mobile devices that people use at the workplace. Therefore, these users welcome with open arms the news that SharePoint 2016 would enable these functions. Adding various restrictions to users on mobile can also help enhance your enterprise security.

Improved integration of SharePoint Partners

The SharePoint platform today seamlessly integrates with the Microsoft partners’ ecosystem. With SharePoint having become an established leader in the intranet software space, the main growth areas have shifted from the platform to its partners. Programs like Choose Your Own Device (CYOD), enterprise mobility and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) represent the expected innovative points going forward.

The idea is to create an ecosystem that will support many different operating systems and mobile devices. The applications that will be used in SharePoint should be focused on fulfilling the needs of the consumer.

Microsoft is taking a hybrid approach to implementing SharePoint. This is in order to service all mobile users that are outside and inside the firewall. This approach also provides the company with the challenge it needs to be innovative in its attempt to deliver more features and improved functionality in the SharePoint platform.

As Microsoft looks into the future, is there something you would want considered for those SharePoint users on mobile? Add your thoughts and tell us what you are looking forward to seeing in the next version of Microsoft SharePoint.

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Benefits of Using IT Services   no comments

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Many people use computers in the modern day and age and there are many ways that the computer can be useful in a business. Investing in IT services can be a useful thing to do and many people who use computers in the business will do this, so that they can manage their equipment and their technology effectively and keep it running to the highest order. In this article we will take a look at the benefits of using IT services and will outline the different features that can be found when using different forms of IT service provider edmonton within a company.

Many people are now choosing to invest in IT services when using a company and this is effective when choosing to lower costs. The reason being is that you will not have to invest in expensive software and specialist hardware and will be able to outsource your needs to a dedicated service. This means that you will cut costs considerably and this can be extremely useful if you are a small company and you are trying to save money wherever possible.


Many companies are also small and do not have the ability to hire an IT specialist that can carry out IT services for the company and in this situation it can be a good idea to invest in these services. The company may also be going through a transition and will not have time to hire someone, as they may be moving offices or may be developing in size.

Another reason why IT services can be so effective is because they offer a high level of professionalism and you will be able to search the web for the best IT services that are available. You will then be able to select from the choices that are available and will be able to use the services that are most effective for your needs.

IT services around the world are being offered and it is simply a matter of going onto the Internet and searching for the best options that are available. This means that you can connect with anyone around the world quickly and effectively and this will benefit in many different ways. As well as getting you the work that you need doing quickly and effectively, you will also be helping the environment and will be shrinking the carbon footprint by reducing the costs of travel and cutting down on energy that is wasted when choosing to invest in local services.

Many individuals are now choosing to invest in the best IT services and this can be a great thing to do if you wish to outsource your jobs throughout the Internet. There are many benefits to this and you will save money and get the work that you need doing, quickly and affectively. Some people worry about giving their personal information away over the Internet., But you simply need to inform yourself on the person you choose to use by reading their online profile and making an informed decision about them.

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