How to Choose Among IT Support Companies  

With the need for IT services at its most demand, so many IT support companies philadelphia have sprout up – all offering different services and packages. And with numbers comes options. Picking out through these
options can be challenging. As such, being able to decipher the most significant qualities in an IT support
provider can really come in handy.


Quick response times

Ideally, it is important to choose an IT support company that can be able to respond to your requests in a
reasonable time. However, keep in mind that a guaranteed response time only means that the provider will
respond to your queries within that time, and then start troubleshooting for a solution. Some IT related
problems can take a long time to fix, so be cautious of any IT support companies that promise specific time
frames to resolve your problems.


Just like you wouldn’t trust your life with an unqualified lawyer, or your health with an uncertified doctored,
you shouldn’t trust an IT support provider with no accreditations to their name. Ensure that the software
the company provides its services on has all the necessary certifications from its manufacturers.

Case studies and testimonials

A reliable IT support company should have a website and a number of case studies and testimonials
showcased on their website. In particular, watch out for case studies and testimonials from clients that have
similar needs as yours.


An IT support company that is within close proximity to your business can come in handy in case you
experience issues with hardware. However, there are certain problems that don’t require on-site assistance,
and can be fixed remotely. In any case, ensure that the potential IT support companies you’ve shortlisted
will go the extra mile to resolve your problem without having any confines on location.

Attitude towards customer services

A competent IT support company should be able to match their services with customer needs and
expectations. To this end, an outstanding customer service should be incorporated throughout the
company, providing a positive attitude in the work they do, which should be reflected throughout the team.

Transparent agreement

Some IT support companies tend to charge a relatively low monthly fee, and then go ahead to charge an
extra fee for such things as onsite support. For this reason, it is important to ensure that you are aware
what is included in the support agreement, and what is not. Bear in mind that these agreements are set up
to ensure a mutual agreement and understanding of the services involved for both parties.

Appropriate size

Different service providers suit different levels of businesses. Some large IT support companies may not be
able to grant you access to their top technicians if you’re a small business, regardless of what their adverts
say. On the other hand, a small IT support company for a large organization might lack the necessary
resources to provide the support you need. Bottom line: ensure the company is the right size for your

Your relationship with the IT support company will change as your needs for your business transform. The
success of your business will be determined by your flexibility to scale up and down your IT capabilities
whenever you need to. Before making a decision, inquire about the costs associated with changing the
levels of IT support services they provide, as well as the time it will take to implement the changes.