IT Firm Mphasis Launches Digital Accessibility Practice  

Top IT Solutions Edmonton instigated its digital accessibility practice by appointing a Chief Accessibility Officer, Cristopher Broyles. As a pioneer in the IT industry, Mphasis prides itself as one of the first IT firms to build accessible technologies. With the appointment of Cristopher, the company is showing its intentions of growing rapidly in the industry. The Chief Accessibility Officer will spearhead the company’s internal digital accessibility processes and practices as well as training capabilities to educate customers especially those in the financial services vertical. The new appointee will also be responsible for developing and delivering accessible and customizable end-to-end solutions, which leverage strategic consulting, tool-agnostic intelligent, industry best practices and best-in-market experience.

Launches Digital Accessibility Practice

Mphasis Success in Accessibility

Already Mphasis boasts an incredibly strong history of advocacy as well as success in accessibility. The firm has once received the President’s Award for employment and inclusion of persons with disabilities and the NCPEDP-Shell Helen Keller Award. According to Mphasis, the lack of available assets translates to losing out on 20% regarding quality talent — more than 400 employees of the firm are with a disability.

What Does The New Appointee Bring To The Table?

Cristopher has 10+ years of extensive work in offering accessibility, both digital and physical, to guarantee optimal user experiences for every user, in state and federal government, industry and education. He joins the firm after serving in Perkins School for the Blind as the Acting Chief Accessibility. The school is one the most common and oldest schools for individuals that are visually impaired.

Cristopher’s federal experience entails working at the following;

  • U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
  • U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission
  • U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

In all the above state departments, Cristopher led 5-year department-wide web-accessibility remediation efforts that encompassed policy, marketing, education, and governance.Mphasis’s Senior Vice-President and Head of Digital, Yesh Subramanian said, “Given that 1 in 5 individuals will at one point in his or her life have a disability, it is highly crucial for all enterprises to adhere to the ADA (American with Disabilities Act). Digital accessibility is critical especially because of the growing list of digital assets.” He said that digital accessibility practice is important in the financial services realm where self-service is turning out to be central to the digital experience.

This is what Cristopher had to say regarding his appointment, “Joining Mphasis is truly an exciting opportunity. I have been a champion for accessibility across industries for many years. Throughout this time, I managed to implement sustainable and fruitful programs across a good number of vertical. However, providing digital accessibility to insurance, banking, wealth, and brokerage management is an individually dynamic space.”

About Mphasis

An HP enterprise company, Mphasis allows chosen clients to meet all the demands of a growing marketplace. The Economic Times most recently named Mphasis as the ‘Most Distinguished Digital Company in 2015.’ Additionally, the American Banker and BAI ranked Mphasis among the top FinTech companies. Mphasis has been able to achieve all these by combining cutting edge solutions with superior human capital in hyper-specialized areas. You can learn more about Mphasis by visiting